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 'Write the Right Stuff' book cover
Write the Right Stuff

Written by Karen Hart

Published in 2020

Blair feels caught up in life... nothing makes sense, and there seems to be no way of putting things right. A friend suggests noting all these worries down, but the pile of notes grows and grows...! Then Gran comes to stay and sheds light on the situation, offering a positive view on each worry note...This is an optimistic book, that offers people of all ages the power to express negative thoughts and feelings, resulting in the knowledge that they have the chance to take control.

Written by the author Karen Hart, this book sends a powerful message to all young kids with anxiety that they can take control of their emotions by confiding in a friend and it will all be okay.

The lovely illustrations by Lucy Rogers depicts the confusing and often frightening world it is for kids with anxiety, but the picture book shows a light at the end of the tunnel for all children as they discover a way to take control. 


Emotions in the park illustration
Nightsky and butterflies illustration
Girl's bedroom illustration
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