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As a children's book illustrator, I also offer a range of fun illustration workshops for children of different ages. This is great for schools, after-school clubs, parties or festivals to allow the kids to meet a deaf grown-up working professionally as an illustrator to show and inspire them that anyone can achieve their dreams.

If you are interested, below are options of visits or workshops I can offer and what age group they are for. Please get in touch with for more information and prices (with travel expenses on top).

Workshops with Lucy:

  • Illustrator Visit and Book Reading (Primary school ages or older) - 1 hour.

  • Fun Creative Activities (Age 3-10) - Can be 1 or 2 hours.

  • Design your own Character! (Age 5-12) - 1.5 hours.

  • Draw, Draw, Draw! (Age 4-9) - 1 hour.

  • How to illustrate your own story! (Age 5-16) - 2 hours, but can be reduced if needed.

  • Still Life Challenges (Age 9-16) - 1.5 hours.

Please get in touch to ask for more information on each of these workshops. 

Below are pictures from some workshops and book readings I have done in the past. Most faces of children are covered up for safety and privacy reasons. There is also some amazing art done by some wonderful kids!

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