The Quest for the Cockle Implant Front Cover

The Quest for the Cockle Implant

When deaf mermaid Angel loses one of her cockle implants, she and her sister go on an exciting adventure through the sea to find it. Using sign language to communicate, their adventure brings them face-to-face with a monstrous Merkitty.

Will they get past the squid, sharks and strangling seaweed? Will they get Angel's cockle implant back? And will they get home in time for tea?

The Quest for the Cockle Implant is the result of a storytelling competition run by the National Deaf Children’s Society. The competition was judged by Julia Donaldson CBE and won by 9-year-old Maya Wasserman. Maya worked with a team of writers to transform her winning story into a children’s storybook, illustrated by deaf illustrator Lucy Rogers.

The Quest for the Cockle Implant features deaf mermaid Angel, who wears two cochlear implants. The story includes British Sign Language (BSL) and deaf awareness tips. A full BSL translation of the story is available via the Signed Stories app. 

Written by Maya Wasserman and Illustrated by Lucy Rogers.

Published by the National Deaf Children's Society.



What does a Caterpillar do?

The world around us is full of millions and millions of unappreciated, but amazingly fantastic bugs. From the smallest ant to the largest snail, each has it's own characteristic which makes it uniquely suited to thrive in its own environment. What Does a Caterpillar Do? allows children to, through the eyes of the cheeky caterpillar, meet some of these bugs and to learn a little bit about what makes them so different.

Featuring beautiful and humorous illustrations by the fantastic Lucy Rogers, What Does A Caterpillar Do? captures a child’s imagination before the book is even open. Inside, the child is taken on a wonderful journey through nature where they meet Bees, Snails, Ladybugs and Spiders. Each insect radiates personality as they watch, with amusement, our caterpillar’s attempt to mirror their unique characteristic. The simple narrative uses trusted teaching techniques, such as repetition and humour, to guide younger children through the story with and without their parent’s guidance. The narrative concludes by providing the child with the answer to the book’s core question (she turns into a butterfly of course!).

What Does A Caterpillar Do? was written in memory of Chloe and Aubrey Berry and all profits are being donated to the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre. 

Written by David McArthur and Illustrated by Lucy Rogers.



Write the Right Stuff

Blair feels caught up in life... nothing makes sense, and there seems to be no way of putting things right. A friend suggests noting all these worries down, but the pile of notes grows and grows...! Then Gran comes to stay and sheds light on the situation, offering a positive view on each worry note...This is an optimistic book, that offers people of all ages the power to express negative thoughts and feelings, resulting in the knowledge that they have the chance to take control.


Written by the author Karen Hart, this book sends a powerful message to all young kids with anxiety that they can take control of their emotions by confiding in a friend and it will all be okay. The lovely illustrations by Lucy Rogers depicts the confusing and often frightening world it is for kids with anxiety, but the picture book shows a light at the end of the tunnel for all children as they discover a way to take control. Write the Right Stuff by Karen Hart presents a story for all kids growing up and struggling to find a way to handle their negative thoughts and emotions, with a possible solution for gaining a control over those thoughts and replacing them with a positive perspective. The story ends on a lovely, uplifting note which makes it memorable for all kids.

Written by Karen Hart and Illustrated by Lucy Rogers.