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What Does a Bee Do Cover
What Does a Bee Do?

Written by David McArthur

Published 2021

Spring has sprung in the grassy meadow. Grasshoppers are leaping, Jewel Beetles are glittering, and flies are... well, doing whatever it is that flies do best! But what’s this? A curious Bee who doesn’t know what it is she is meant to do?

Our amazing world is full of billions of brilliant insects. From the stinky stink bug, and slimy slug to the glittering jewel beetle. But what is it that makes a Bee so special? Kids will love finding out in this stunning new book.

Featuring beautiful and humorous illustrations by Lucy Rogers, What Does A Bee Do? captures a child’s imagination before the book is even opened. Inside, they are taken on a wonderful journey through nature where they meet wasps, grasshoppers and even dung beetles. Each insect radiates personality as they watch, with amusement, our bee’s attempt to copy their unique talents


Bee meets a Slug
Bee meets Worms
Bee Meets Water Boatmen
Bee meets Moths
A Bee eats Honey!
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