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What Does a Beaver Do book cover
What Does a beaver Do?

Written by David McArthur

Published 2021

Oh Canada! Our home and native land! Full of mind bogglingly amazing animals, birds, and fish. From the majestic Bald Eagle and acrobatic Salmon to the stinky Skunk and sneaky Racoon. ‘What Does A Beaver Do?’ allows children to, through the eyes of the curious Beaver, meet some of these animals and to learn a little about what makes them so special.

With beautiful illustrations by the talented Lucy Rogers, What Does A Beaver Do? will capture your child’s imagination before the book is even opened. Inside, they are taken on a wonderful journey through nature where they meet Wolves, Cougars, Orcas, and even a few Bears.

The simple narrative uses trusted teaching techniques, such as repetition and humor, to guide children through the story with or without their parent’s guidance. The book concludes by providing your child with the answer to the book’s central question and a whole lot more!


Beaver finds the polar bears illustration
Beaver finds the orcas illustration
Beaver finds the skunk! illustration
Beaver finds the mountain lions illustration
Beaver at home illustration
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